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DOT Pre-Employment Testing in Kalamazoo

DOT Pre-Employment Drug Testing

If your organization is covered under the Department of Transportation, or DOT, there are certain drug testing requirements you must meet. ARCpoint Labs of Kalamazoo is seasoned in following DOT testing requirements when designing and carrying out workplace drug testing programs.

Read on to learn about how we can help you, then contact ARCpoint Labs of Kalamazoo today!

What are the DOT Testing Requirements?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA (part of the DOT) states:

No employer shall allow a driver, which an employer intends to hire or use, to perform safety-sensitive functions, unless the employer has received a controlled substances test result from the MRO indicating a verified negative test result for that driver.

The DOT outlines specific regulations regarding pre-employment drug testing of anyone who will be transporting individuals in a safety-sensitive capability. At ARCpoint Labs of Kalamazoo, our team is experienced in following DOT testing requirements and ensuring your organization’s total compliance.

DOT-Compliant Pre-Employment Drug Testing

If you fall under DOT testing requirements, ARCpoint Labs of Kalamazoo can help you conduct your pre-employment drug testing efficiently. We will take the worry and headache out of making sure you are in compliance. Let us:

  1. Determine if the position you are hiring for falls under DOT testing requirements
  2. Educate you on the rules and regulations for pre-employment DOT testing
  3. Take the steps to ensure all new drivers comply under federal DOT drug and alcohol testing requirements by conducting your pre-employment drug testing.

Why Trust ARCpoint Labs of Kalamazoo?

As a third-party provider approved to conduct DOT drug testing and DOT alcohol testing, our lab and trained staff will advise you on the proper steps to take to remain DOT compliant. If you entrust your pre-employment drug testing to ARCpoint Labs of Kalamazoo, you’re guaranteed that your business is in the right hands and your organization will adhere to all DOT testing requirements.

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For pre-employment drug testing that meets all DOT testing requirements, contact ARCpoint Labs of Kalamazoo today!